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Specialty Items & Kits

Perfect for gifting and special occasions!



We've got TWO special sets from January 27th - February 5th to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

CNY Set 1: includes 2 of salted egg yolk, black sesame, and red bean $24 (6 mini BLBs)

CNY Set 2: includes 4 of salted egg yolk, black sesame, and red bean $45 (12 mini BLBs)

These flavours will be available all of February if you miss these dates!

You can add each flavour to your assorted mini BLBs box or available in regular size BLBs orders too!

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 12.46.26 AM.png


Looking for an activity to do with your friends and family? The BLB Kit includes everything you will need. All the bread dough, topping crust, and filling are pre-made. The kit even includes a pastry brush and rolling pin! 

Each kit yields 12 regular size BLBs.

Current kit options: OG, Taro, Matcha, Coconut


Custom Gift Boxes

Are you looking for something custom?

You can always message me on Instagram @littlebakesofkindness or fill out the Contact Form for special requests!

Specialty Items: Specialty Items
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