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Behind the BLBs

Hello BLB lovers! 

My name is Candice! First of all, thank you for discovering my page and wanting to get to know me. 

I am born and raised in Richmond Hill (Toronto) and my parents are from Hong Kong. They immigrated to Canada over 30 years ago. 

I am thankful that they raised me surrounded by Chinese foods and culture, so I can pass these traditions to the next generation. 


I am very proud of my Chinese roots and feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to share a small part of my culture with you through my baked goods. My dream is having as many people try my BLBs with a fusion twist and bringing joy to people's lives. 

Every month, partial proceeds will be donated to different charities/cause funds in the community in hopes of making a difference. Together, we can make small changes that will impact the world 🤝


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